Women V-Cs rare breed, says Study

Women V-Cs rare breed, says Study

Committee may demand 33 pc quota in senates

Of the 431 recognised universities in India, only 13 are headed by a woman Vice Chancellor, including the six women universities.

Remarkably, none of the universities in northern India located in Delhi, Punjab, Jammu and Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh ever had a woman Vice-Chancellor, the study says. Haryana got a woman Vice-Chancellor for the first time after it established a woman university in the state two years ago.

Conducted by Prof Pam Rajput, member of the UGC consultative committee on capacity building of women in higher education, the study aimed to find the position of women in managerial posts in higher education.

Prof Rajput said the study showed that southern states were far more receptive to the idea of women vice chancellors.

Exploring reasons

“The project is divided into five phases where we try to explore reasons that might be preventing a woman from aiming for a managerial post despite having required qualifications,” Prof Rajput said.

The project has aimed to reach nearly 4,000 women faculty members across the country’s universities and motivates them to aim for decision-making posts despite facing social or personal responsibilities.

“This is a fight against tokenism of women on decision-making posts in higher education. We aim to sensitise the fairer sex to aim higher,” says Prof Poonam Dhawan , who is co-ordinator of the project for north-west region.

Prof Rajput, a nominated member of Punjab University’s Senate, aims to go further by demanding 33 per cent reservation for women in university senates.

Miles to go

* UGC study aims to find the position of women in managerial posts in higher education
*Women are found to be at a disadvantage over men in managing universities
* Only 13 out of 431 recognised universities had women Vice Chancellors, including the six women universities
* None of the universities located in Delhi, Punjab, Jammu & Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh have ever had a woman at the helm
* Southern states more receptive to idea of woman Vice Chancellors