A blend of originals and covers

A blend of originals and covers


The Nathaniel School of Music presented ‘Batch 26 & 27 — The Graduation Concert’ at BFlat recently.

The show saw songs varying in genre and style and an enthusiastic crowd singing along and applauding the performers. Popular numbers as well as originals were rendered by the students and it was an entertaining evening for the audience. ‘Pumped Up Kicks’, ‘Hey Jude’, ‘Jar Of Hearts’, ‘Leaving On A Jetplane’, ‘Boulevard of Broken Dreams’ were some of the popular songs performed. Some trivia was given about the songs and a lot of energy could be seen among performers as well as the audience as each number was played.

Nikita Lewis, a speech pathologist who performed at the show, said that she was excited to the core despite being on stage for the first time. “I was nervous but had a lot of fun at the school. The way the lessons were taught, one wouldn’t even know that they were working hard. It was fun. And after training, performing was an exhilarating experience,” said the vocalist.

Prashant Juluri, who played the keyboards, said that the thrill of stepping on stage and performing is like no other. “I played 11 songs of which, two were my compositions. The show was not a one-man effort and I think that is what stood out too,”
he said. Prashant added that he was nervous initially.

“But after performing, I wanted to get back on stage. The crowd was encouraging and it was a stress-busting experience,” he said.

Jason Zachariah, from the school, said that this batch was special as the students played four originals apart from covers. “At the school, we always encourage students to perform originals.

A mix of songs was performed which was also unique. Be it blues, hard
rock, soft jazz or country, there was a bit of everything and the music appealed to all present,” said Jason.

The audience sang along with the performers and praised them for the good show. Aneeta B, a music professional, said that the batch had put up a great show. “This is the second time that I’m attending a concert organised by The Nathaniel School of Music. This batch has some great talent. The way the performers involved the crowd showed their enthusiasm for music,” she said.