Man murders friend, cuts body into pieces

Man murders friend, cuts body into pieces

‘Gambler’ killed financier who tried to cheat him

This financier had to pay with his life for trying to cheat a friend who had obtained a loan from him, in DJ Halli recently. 

Azeez Khan, who was into horse racing and moneylending, had lent Rs three lakh in two instalments to Yasin Pasha, an alleged gambler. Before availing the loan, Pasha had given four signed cheques to Khan as guarantee.

Pasha repaid the money over a period of time and demanded that Khan return the cheques to him. The latter claimed that the former owed him Rs 80 lakh and wrote the sum on the cheques too.

Khan threatened Pasha with dire consequences if he did not pay him Rs 80 lakh. Khan’s constant torture enraged Pasha and he hatched a conspiracy to eliminate the lender, police said.

Following an invitation, Pasha came to Khan’s house on 80 feet road in HBR Layout on February 25. As the two were having a discussion, Pasha smashed Khan on the head with a hammer, killing him on the spot. 

Pasha could not transport Khan’s body out of the house, as he was a heavily built man. The next morning, he bought a knife and chopped off the head, legs and hands of the body. Pasha packed the head and hands in a gunny bag and the rest of the body parts in another bag. Pasha took the bags one after the other and dumped them near the railway track at Shampura. This he did to ensure that there was no evidence left behind of his gory act.

It was the basic lessons in co-ordination between personnel of two stations that helped the police crack the case. 

The DJ Halli police contacted personnel in their neighbouring stations to get details about those who had gone missing. The Shivajinagar police informed them about a middle-aged person going missing. The descriptions mostly matched those of Khan.

The police collected more details about the man in question and conducted a scientific analysis of the body. The family members’ versions led to the identity, resulting in Pasha’s arrest.

“I was unaware of what I was doing and concentrated only on evading legal action and destroying all evidence,” Pasha reportedly told the police. The police also took the help of Khan’s family members in establishing the identity.