'There's someone special in my life'

'There's someone special in my life'

'There's someone special in my life'

Always known to have her head firm on her shoulders, she’s let her on-screen persona do the talking.  No wonder Priyamani, who has acted in five Indian languages, has done some of the best roles thus far.

While things are going great guns on the professional front, Priyamani has also finally found ‘Mr Right’, whom she has been dating for the last two years.

“There’s someone special in my life. It’s great to have someone who can lend you strong emotional anchorage, when you are feeling down. I am still getting used to the idea of someone pampering and spoiling me,” Priyamani shares with Metrolife.

The young man, she says, is not from the film fraternity. Will the wedding be sometime soon? “Not for two years,” she says rather firmly.

There’s really no genre of films that this award-wining actress hasn’t acted in.

No wonder Priyamani picks and chooses with confidence all the roles and also gets them right. Her next big release in Kannada is Ambreesha opposite Darshan where she plays a rich, spoilt granddaughter of a contractor, who runs a business house. Her character is called Smitha in the movie.

“I run a business establishment and have very strong notions about running a business and making profit is my only motive. The character, I play is strong, overpowering and she talks only in terms of dollars,” Priyamani says.

   Darshan also has an equally dominating character in the film. “The two of them are
always in a war of words.

The story is about how Smitha tones down and falls in line with Darshan’s ideals. But this is a slow process,” she states.

She will also appear as a CBI officer in music director RP Patnaik’s directorial debut in Kannada, tentatively titled Vyuha.“I play the role of a CBI officer who has been deputed on special duty. I can’t really say more about the role. The shooting is almost complete,” she adds.

Her last release in Telugu was Chandi and although the movie didn’t do well, Priyamani says she did a lot of action sequences and a few daring stunts that physically toughened her.    “I was given a chance to do the same stunts that were tough. And training under Sharath Kumar was a one-of-a-kind experience. He put me through rigorous training sessions,” she adds.

Priyamani feels that today, actresses have more to do in films than just stand there and look pretty. “Slowly but steadily, actresses are being given a chance to prove their mettle,” she sums up.