Parents press for fair chance in admission

Parents press for fair chance in admission

Parents press for fair chance in admission

Want fresh draw of lots in all nursery categories

Parents want fresh lotteries to be conducted in all the categories under the nursery admission process, a survey said.

Over 50 per cent of the parents interviewed in the survey said the already conducted draws for the neighbourhood criteria should be scrapped and new lotteries must take place.

Only 4 per cent of the parents said that they got the school of their choice. Some 800 parents were interviewed in a survey by 

“If only fresh lotteries are conducted for all the categories, including 70 point neighbourhood criteria, it will give a fair chance to parents seeking admission for their children in nursery classes,” said Sunita Kumari, who is seeking admission of her three-year-old son. 

At least 118 parents (15 per cent) of the total number of people surveyed were found in favour of retaining selected candidates under the neighbourhood criteria. They said there is no guarantee whether they would get a seat again.

Ninety parents said registrations should be open afresh. “The registrations must also be opened again even if it is for a limited span of five to six days as the transfer cases have applied in less number of schools,” said Rohan Kapoor, who had earlier applied under the inter-state transfer category.

The Directorate of Education scrapped the interstate transfer criterion and asked schools to conduct fresh draw for candidates who have lost five points under this category.After the new notification, the total number of points that can be allotted is 95 against the earlier 100 points.

Seventy points will be given to the neighbourhood criterion, 20 points allotted for siblings in the same school and five points in the alumni category. 

Parents who could not get in as they had only 70 points are disappointed. “The inter-state transfer cases are getting another chance. What about us?” said Mamta Sharma, who is seeking the admission for her four-year-old daughter.