Confessions of a humble composer

Confessions of a humble composer

To be a composer is God’s gift to me,” says God-fearing musician, Mithoon who has been attending various award functions and coming back with his hands full of trophies.

Awards, along with accolades, just don’t seem to stop post the film Ashiqui 2 which has left the track Tum Hi Ho on almost every lovebird’s lips.

The lyrics are eminently hummable and not too difficult to recollect for their simplicity and sweetness. But Mithoon feels otherwise and confesses, “I was very ignorant and indifferent towards poetry as a child. I realised much later in life that it is an important aspect of my art. My Hindi vocabulary is not that good as compared to my contemporaries. More than a poet, I write like a human being.” A major influence on his work was poet and lyricist Sayeed Qadri’s penned words. 

Mithoon’s “honest anecdotes” of life have also taken lyrical forms and made the ‘unconventional’ rule over the trend. “Even now people come and say that they can relate to my song Tere Bin (from Bas Ek Pal). I do not create music for the masses and neither do I follow the market trends. I want to reach and connect to people through simplicity,” divulges the man whose personality cannot be analysed as an entity separate from that of his father,
Naresh Sharma – one of the most revered background composers in the Hindi
film industry.

However, seeing his father not get the credit for his work did influence Mithoon’s upbringing and he took to composing much early in his life. As an individual, he is as introvert and humble as his father. “I always observed my father spending hours in the studio and then walking out without even taking the credit for his work. For me he is a superhero but I also understand that it is not only for his art that people respect him, but also for the man that he is. I wanted to emulate him,” admits the music composer who has achieved acclaim at a quite young age.

“Strolling outside my studios between work, I too introspect if I deserve this and feel extremely humbled by all the recognition that I have received. I feel favoured by God but in my meditations think that whatever responsibility has been given to me, I fulfilled it,” he says candidly adding, “As long as I do my job sincerely, I will be able to do justice to my work.”

Though his hands are full, he lists the upcoming films such as “Creature, The Villain and Traffic,” when the thought of his forthcoming International concerts strikes him. “This year, for the first time I will be singing live on stage. I am really curious to know the response of audience when I present to them my music,” he signs off.