Rahul Gandhi accuses BJP of weaving illusions

Rahul Gandhi accuses BJP of weaving illusions

Rahul Gandhi accuses BJP of weaving illusions

Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi has accused the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) of trying to centralise power in one person saying it was a sheer fallacy that one man (read Narendra Modi) alone could replicate in a few months the combined efforts of the Indians over the past 60 years.

Addressing a massive rally in Aurangabad (380 km from Mumbai) on Wednesday, Gandhi said: “Power in the hands of the people is the only way we can move forward.” 

Reacting strongly to BJP's call to rid India of the Congress, Gandhi said the opposition needs to read the country's history to understand how difficult a task that would be.  “If they did (read history), they would understand that Congress is not an organization; it is an ideology that rests within all of us,” he said.

In the same gusto, Gandhi said: “Those who wanted to destroy that idea were thrown out...We will send the BJP packing, with love, in the same way we sent the British out.”
 Unlike the opposition, Congress believed in action and not propaganda, he said and pointed out that the party had “worked hard to improve the lives of the country's poor and women to give them their rights.” Accusing the BJP of adopting double standards on corruption, Rahul pointed out that it (BJP) did not come forward when the Congress wanted to pass the key anti-graft legislation in Parliament.

“The BJP  has  no  business speaking about  corruption  when  it  can  see  graft  in  its  backyard. There  are corrupt ministers in the Gujarat government… a former BJP chief minister of Karnataka had been jailed for corruption. But the BJP does not see any corruption there,” he said amidst cheers.

‘Follow Mahatma’

Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday, while interacting with the youth in Shirpur town of Dhule district, said: “People lacking confidence shout. Did (Mahatma) Gandhiji ever shout? But, Hitler shouted as he lacked self-confidence.” Gandhi, during his two-day campaign trail in Maharashtra’s interiors, said humility should be seen as a sign of extreme confidence while aggression is a result of  lack of confidence.