Police bust gang, find its leader trying to create prostitution ring

Police bust gang, find its leader trying to create prostitution ring

Police bust gang, find its leader trying to create prostitution ring

A Bangladesh national living in Delhi was allegedly in the process of creating a database of young girls in Delhi to push them into prostitution. 

He went about this business by distributing pamphlets in posh colonies and colleges in which he claimed that they stood a chance to feature in international magazines for which they would have to share their personal details.

The Delhi Police Crime Branch chanced upon this scheme when they arrested 35-year-old Sagar and three others in connection with a series of robberies at godowns in Delhi and adjoining areas.

Following the gang’s arrest, police raided his home and recovered a computer, several pamphlets and visiting cards among other things.

“In the pamphlets, the girls were asked to mention about their physical apprearance, age, mobile number and submit photographs in different poses. Only those in the age group 16-20 who spoke fluent English were eligible,” said a police officer.

The targets were promised that a whole page in an international magazine would be dedicated to them along with their photographs if selected. The pamphlets, along with visiting cards of Sagar, would be dropped in letter boxes in posh colonies and distributed at colleges.

“To make the offer seem genuine and show that Sagar had contacts, the visiting cards carried several phone numbers of different countries. All the numbers were found to be fake,” said the officer.

A database of several girls who fell in the trap was found in his computer. Police said he has confessed that he intended to push girls into prostitution by compiling a large database and then inviting them for a one-on-one meet.

“He had already sent the details of a few girls to someone else and was in the processof sending another list soon. But it is unlikely any of the targeted girls had been pushed into the flesh trade as the process was only in its initial stage,” the officer added.

Sagar went by several aliases such as Jahangir, Dada, Sagar Chaudhary, etc. While he has stayed at Tihar Jail for five years and at a prison in Ghaziabad for various offences in the past, this was his first step into the prostitution racket, police said.

“He is illiterate but mentally very sharp. He formed his own gang just after he was released from prison. He sorted out target localities and colleges and used his gang members to distribute the pamphlets,” the officer said.

His two sons had died in a fire in the slums of east Delhi’s Yamuna Pushta a few years ago and his wife deserted him due to his activities soon after.