Enrol yourself in voters' list before March 16

Enrol yourself in voters' list before March 16

Enrol yourself in voters' list before March 16

Chief Election Officer Anil Kumar Jha on Wednesday set March 16 as the deadline for voters in Karnataka to register their names for exercising their franchise in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.

“With the elections scheduled for April 17 in the State, we require at least a month for scrutinising the voters’ list. The last date for submission of forms to include fresh names in the voters’ list is March 16,” Jha said.

The Election Commission has already issued directions to the Deputy Commissioners, BBMP offices and others to accept the new forms along with the proof of age and address to accommodate new voters. Directions have also been given to accept new voter forms at Bangalore One centres in the City.

As on January 31, the number of eligible voters in Karnataka is 4.46 crore, an increase of 27 lakh compared with the 4.19 crore voters registered for the 2009 parliamentary elections. The Election Commission said the coverage was close to 70 per cent by way of enrolment with 2.27 crore males and 2.18 crore females. As many as 3,260 voters have been registered as ‘others’.

Jha said that of the registered voters, as much as two per cent were aged between 18 and 19. As per statistics, as many as 8.04 lakh voters are in this age group.While admitting that the actual figures may vary for the 18-19 age group due to errors and duplications, Jha said there was scope for improvement.

He said the Election Commission had already embarked upon improving the young voters’ enrolment coverage in the State through advertising and awareness camps.

The Election Commission will set up awareness camps across the 54,261 polling stations across the State on March 9 as part of its drive to verify the names and the addition of names to the voters’ list.

The camps will be conducted by Booth Level Officers (BLOs) to verify and ascertain the names of citizens enrolled in their localities. “The BLOs will have sufficient Form 6 applications to add new names to the list,” said the CEO.

The Election Commission is also likely to increase the total number of polling booths from 54,261 by nearly 1,000 auxiliary booths. It is said the Commission will deploy at least 75,000 ballot EVMs and 65,000 control EVMs for the elections in Karnataka.