Australian PM Kevin Rudd hails Obama's decision to deploy troops

"The president has developed a credible strategy designed to achieve success... The president's strategy is entirely consistent with the approach that Australia is taking in Afghanistan," Rudd said in a statement.
Rudd was quoted in the media as saying that Australia remained committed to its role in the war-torn nation.
"We are working to train the Afghan security forces so that responsibility for security can be transferred to them," he said.
Australia is the ninth biggest contributor of international forces with its 1500 soldiers fighting the Taliban militants in Afghanistan.
"Australia expects the government of Afghanistan to play its part in doing what is necessary to improve security and the delivery of government services to its people," he said.
Rudd and Defence Minister John Faulkner have consistently refused to send more troops.
Obama said he would deploy 30,000 more troops to Afghanistan at the "fastest pace possible", aiming to speed up a handover to Afghan forces and start a US pullout in July 2011.

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