In a fit to lose weight

In a fit to lose weight


In a fit to lose weight

Everybody wants to lose weight and look fit but not all end up doing so. People resort to all kinds of measures to shed flab and stay slim.

 While some do rigorous exercises and give up sweets, others go on a liquid diet. Then there are some who starve themselves in a hurry to shed those extra kilos. But dieticians warn that one must consume a balanced diet when attempting to lose weight.

Metrolife interacted with dieticians and people who
follow a weight lose regimen to get an insight into the different methods opted by people to lose weight.

Doctors say that it is best to strike a balance between exercise and diet. Priyanka Rohatgi, chief clinical nutritionist, head department of Nutrition and Dietetics, Apollo Hospitals, feels that quick weight loss is not sustainable. Priyanka advises that the first mistake is having unrealistic weight loss expectations.

“Aim to lose between half a pound and two pounds per week. Don’t get misled if you see someone on television losing 15 pounds in two weeks. It’s important to do exercises that you enjoy to kill boredom,” she says.

She further points out that eating right and exercising regularly have a positive
impact on health in more ways than one such as more energy, less stress, better sleep and reduced risk of many diseases.

   About the diet, Priyanka says, “Skipping meals slows your metabolic rate. It is best to break them to six or seven small frequent meals. Cut the bulk and eat early in the evenings. A balanced diet with the right amount of proteins, carbohydrates and fat works best.”

Workout routines, dance aerobics and dieting are all popular options for losing weight. People say that the first thing is to enjoy whatever you are doing. Sharmistha Sikdar, a businesswoman, never misses her daily workout. She feels the best way to stay slim and fit is to strike a balance between diet and exercise.

“I start my day with an hour of yoga and pilates which keeps me fresh and energetic throughout the day. A brisk walk in the evening for an hour keeps my metabolic rate high,” explains Sharmistha. She adds, “Apart from this, an hour of strength training thrice a week keeps my muscles toned. When it comes to diet, I eat anything I like but avoid rice, sweets and junk food.”

The case of Sushma, an employee in the IT industry, is a little different. She confesses that she has never resorted to an extreme diet to lose or maintain weight. “Whenever I eat out or have an unhealthy diet, I feel extremely guilty and unhappy. This just adds to the stress levels.

I have always stuck to a diet that is rich in protein as advised by my dietician. But earlier, I didn’t think I was burning enough and used to feel tired quite often,” she says. Sushma further states, “After having experimented with different diets and exercises, I exercise regularly and eat right.”

Sindhu, another businesswoman, has taken to Bollywood dancing in a serious way. She attends classes every evening after work.

“Dance is the perfect workout for every part of the body. A bit of regular dance aerobics and Bollywood moves not only help me stay healthy but also keep my mind active and refreshed,” concludes Sindhu.