'Double denim' to up the style quotient

'Double denim' to up the style quotient

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Who doesn’t own a denim these days? And we are not just talking about the jeans, but the denim shirt, skirt, jacket and other denim apparel.

All of us love to pair denim outfits, popularly called doing double denim in fashion lingo, but are wary of inadvertently looking ‘retro’ or even ‘tacky.’

A ‘double denim’ is definitely not an easy ensemble to carry and the same was proved by Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake when they wore a ‘same wash’ denim ensemble to the MTV Awards function in 2001. A disgusting fashion faux pas, no celebrity was caught wearing a double denim for a long time after that.

However, the look has made a comeback now. This past season, every big brand, ranging from Louis Vuitton to Balmain, has been flaunting double denim on the runway. The classic cowboy look of a denim jacket with jeans and a short denim skirt with denim jacket is doing the rounds again. Even celebs like Rihanna, Miranda Kerr and Zoe Saldana have endorsed it of late, marking double denim’s safe return
to fashion.

Madhu Keerta of the ‘F’ women’s clothing label says, “The most risk-free way to wear double denim is to opt for contrasting shades. The polarised tones make it easier to pull off the look, with the differing washes drawing attention away from the similarity of the fabric.”

“With this in mind, select a darker hue for your jacket and couple with lighter wash jeans. Pairing a denim jacket with jeans works better than using a shirt largely for the fact that the proximity of a trouser and jacket combination can be broken up by another piece. The timeless white crew neck tee plays this role perfectly.”

Another way to contrast the denim upper and lowers is to go for a ‘distressed’ lower. A ripped pair of jeans or one with cuts on the knee, paired with a new-looking jacket provides the much needed relief to the eye in a double denim look. A patchwork jeans also does the trick.

Sunita Joseph of ‘The Narcissist’ brand says, “Coloured jeans look great when paired with a denim-coloured top. Combine a pair of skinny coloured jeans with a chambray (denim-fabric) shirt for an outfit that’s uber chic. Dressed up with nice earrings, high heels and a big leather bag, it makes for a great shopping spree, date or even the casual day at office.”

But what is important while doing a double denim is that you wear the best quality fabric and not a run-of-the mill. Double denim demands quality as well as a great aesthetic sense and style.