'Democracy is platform for progress'

'Democracy is platform for progress'

Udupi-Chikmgalur MP Jayaprakash Hedge has said that Indian democracy is unique as it provides all citizens equality and freedom.

Speaking after inaugurating the two-day international seminar on ‘Globalisation, human rights and democracy’ organised by the department of political science of Milagres College, Kallianpur here on Thursday, the  MP said that though democracy is the biggest challenge, it serves a platform for the progress of the nation.

The democratic values ensure the economic stability to the citizens. The democratic form of governance is the only mode that proposes an egalitarian society.

Democracy is the stronghold of the Indian constitution, which is the blend of many exceptional features taken from other constitutions across the globe. Stating that rights come with responsibilities, the MP said that people are often seen complaining that their rights of freedom is being curbed.

However, each individual should not forget the fact that rights are always accompanied with responsibilities. The MP said that people should be aware of their rights and duties.

Effects of globalisation

Asserting that globalisation is ruling the mindset of the people, Hedge said the process of globalisations has influenced the thoughts and practices of the people. 

The digital-divide is yet another ill-effect of globalisation. As the changes brought about by globalisation is rapidly engulfing the urban areas, the rural areas are largely deprived of the advanced process of development. 

The development is one sided and the people in rural areas are finding it hard to cope with the changes of development that is being initiated by the government. The MP admitted that issues like exploitation of weaker sections, wage discrimination etc are cause for concern. 

MLA Pramod Madhwaraj said that when the voice of the weakest among the weaker section in the society is heard then only we can claim that Indian democratic system has brought in the changes. He stressed the importance of people representatives to become the voice for voiceless and be the fraction of democracy in true sense. 

Madhwaraj called upon to initiate significant changes in Indian democratic set-up in terms of being pro-people that may help the progress of the nation.