Honest home guard returns 5 lakh cash

Honest home guard returns 5 lakh cash

Honest home guard returns 5 lakh cash

A realtor had lost the bag containing cash

A lady home guard deputed on traffic duty at Ramaswamy Circle has foiled a robbery bid, recovering a bag containing Rs five lakh in cash, and returning it to its owner, in the city on Thursday.

The home guard, Shivaranjini, came in for much praise for her honesty, at K R Traffic police station in the city. 

Manjunath, a realtor from Mandya had sold a site in Judicial Layout here to Nandeesh of Vidyranyapuram recently. After paying a lump sum as advance, Nandeesh had given a cheque of Rs five lakh to Manjunath. However, before Manjunath could present the cheque to the bank, Nandeesh asked Manjunath to come down to Mysore, to collect the same amount in cash.

Accordingly, Manjunath came to Mysore in his scooter and collected the money from Nandeesh. After keeping the wad of currency notes in the denomination of 500 in a college bag, Nandeesh started his return journey to the sugar town.

After travelling a distance near Gayathri theatre on Chamaraja double road, Manjunath was shocked to notice that the bag kept in the front had fallen off. Petrified, he rode back on the same road towards Ramaswamy Circle and also enquired with Shivaranjini as to who was on duty at that time. Shivaranjini claimed innocence about coming across any such cash bag. Worried, Manjunath continued to search the bag.

After sometime, Shivaranjini noticed a youth wandering with a bag in a suspicious manner. Shivaranjini who became suspicious called the youth and also snatched the bag from him, who bolted, while she was checking the bag. To her surprise, Shivaranjini had came across the same bag that Manjunath had lost. Shivaranjini handed over the bag to the Inspector of K R Traffic police station Nagegowda. 

Manjunath heaved a sigh of relief when he went to Lakshmipuram police station nearby, located adjacent to K R station. There was no end to his joy, when the personnel at the station told him about locating the bag he was searching for.