The Letters of John F Kennedy
Edited by Martin W Sandler
Bloomsbury, 2014, pp 371, 499
John F Kennedy led his nation for a little more than a 1,000 days, yet his presidency is intensely remembered, not merely as a byproduct of his tragic fate. Drawn from over two million letters on file at the library, this project presents readers with a portrait of both Kennedy the politician and Kennedy the man, as well as the times he lived in.

The hen who dreamed she could fly
Sun-Mi Hwang
Penguin, 2014, pp 134, 299
This is the story of a hen named Sprout. No longer content to lay eggs on command, only to have them carted off to the market, she glimpses her future every morning through the barn doors, and comes up with a plan to escape into the wild and to hatch an egg of her own. The book is an anthem for freedom, individuality and motherhood.

The five Flirting styles
Jeffrey A Hall
Harlequin, 2014, pp 288, 275
Flirt Smarter, Date Better, Love Happily Ever After. Do you always attract the wrong type? Have a hard time making relationships last? There’s no one right way to flirt but how you flirt says a lot about your chance at love. Jeffrey Hall’s groundbreaking survey caused a media sensation when it pinpointed five different flirting styles.

Gulu Naami and the power of the triad
Janaki Murali
Partridge, 2014, pp 248, 525
Dive deep into the bowels of a volcano in the Bay of Bengal and meet the fire-breathing Mrigas, the shape-shifting Bahulas, and the special un-ugly Gulu. Building on influences from Asia and Africa, Janaki Murali takes us on a phantasmagorical journey.

Jeevichirikkunnavarkku Vendiyulla Oppees: Requiem for the living
Johny Miranda, translated by Sajai Jose
Oxford, 2014, pp 90, 195
Josy Pereira, a young church sacristan, finds a key of gold in a freshly dug grave that once held a woman who died at childbirth. It begins to haunt his waking life, and soon, his sleep. Is it in some way connected to a recurring dream he has, of a brutal celebration with echoes of animal — or is it human — sacrifice?

This star Won’t go out
Esther Earl with Lori & Wayne Earl
Penguin, 2014, pp 431, 699
This is a collection of the journals, fiction, letters and sketches of the late Esther Grace Earl, who passed away in 2010 at the age of 16. Essays by family and friends help to tell Esther’s story along with an introduction by award-winning author John Green who dedicated his novel The Fault in Our Stars to her.

This is the story of a Happy marriage
Ann Patchett
Bloomsbury, 2014, pp 371, 499
Ann Patchett shares moving stories about her tumultuous childhood, her painful early divorce, the excitement of selling her first book, her joyous discovery of opera, scaling a six-foot wall in order to join the Los Angeles Police Department, her eventual happy marriage.

MArvels & Mysteries of Mahabharata
Abhijit Basu
Platinum press, 2014, pp 224, 299
By far the longest of the world’s epics, Mahabharata transcends the limitations of genre. History, encyclopaedia, philosophy, scripture, warrior saga, it encapsulates all these in one exalting epic tragedy. The book seeks to unravel some of its enigmas.