'Rise in conviction rates will help check crimes against women'

'Rise in conviction rates will help check crimes against women'

High Court Judge B S Patil on Saturday said that until and unless there is an improvement in conviction rates, curbing crimes would be difficult, especially those involving women.

Addressing a gathering of police personnel from Mysore and surrounding districts at the opening of a two-day workshop on Human Trafficking, Bonded Labour System (Abolition) Act, Drugs Control and other heinous crimes, organised at Karnataka Police Academy (KPA) in the city, Patil said that for improvement in conviction rates, the investigation agency like police should perform their duty with acme. Patil said, the investigators should be aware of law and the procedures to be followed from the basics to the finest point, in building a case.

He said that it was time to do away with the flaws and deficiencies in the system when society was going through a critical phase with regard to the safety and security of women. “Despite remarkable advancements in the field of judiciary and governance, still we are unable to reach the target of just order,” he said.
Orderliness can also be ensured when there is an efficient investigating agency and also administration in checking crime. Here, apart from the sentinels, the role of other wings of the society too is pivotal by sensitising and creating awareness against such ills. Schools and colleges, organisations and other like-minded agencies should be involved in imparting education.

The judge said, at times, the judiciary was forced to conclude a case on the basis of available evidences. The available evidences may not be true all the times. The genuineness in such cases can be guaranteed only when the investigators are fully aware of the law.

Child abuse

Earlier, Director of Karnataka Judicial Academy Mohan Sripada Sankolli said, according to a survey, 53 per cent of children are victims of sexual harassments.
 Among them five per cent of the children become victims of paedophilia from their kith and kin, guardians, among others. It was equally pathetic in the case of women too, with 200 women being forced into immoral trafficking everyday in the country. Among the estimated three million sex workers, 40 pc are children in the age group of less than 15 years and 25 per cent in the age group of 15 to 18 years. Boys too are sexually exploited, with the age group of such victims coming down from 14 to eight years and, from 14 to 16 years to 10 to 14 years.