'There's entertainment, love and action'

'There's entertainment, love and action'

Basic ingredients

'There's entertainment, love and action'

This is the first time that director Preetham Gubbi and ‘Golden Star’ Ganesh are working together. Preetham has crafted the perfect role for Ganesh — that of a cook in Dil Rangeela, which released last Friday. Ganesh says that he has never essayed a role like this before and Preetham too believes nobody else could have done a better job than Ganesh.

The actor can’t contain his excitement when he talks about his new role. He plays a cook who also happens to be a compulsive flirt in Dil Rangeela. “My role has given me the opportunity to explore another side of me. It’s quite challenging and I have really worked hard to get my act right in the film,” Ganesh tells Metrolife.

Talking more about his role, he says, “I play a character who is bindaas and a compulsive flirt. I don’t know why Preetham thought I could carry off this character really well but I am glad he trusted me with this role.”

Ganesh has had a total makeover for this film. He’s not only shed loads of weight but has experimented with his clothes, hair – all in an effort to fit perfectly in the role. “There is entertainment, love and action.  It’s an out-and-out commercial movie. I am sure people will be thoroughly entertained,” says Ganesh and adds, “for a change, there’s no rain, no love at first sight and no broken hearts. The role demands that I look and behave every bit like a cook,” says Ganesh.

Ganesh had never entered a kitchen and couldn’t distinguish one ingredient from another before working in the film. But now, he confesses that he has learnt how to toss up rumali roti, make biryani and a few curries as well. “I made mutton biriyani for the whole crew after the shooting of the film. Since, we largely shot in Goa, I ate at almost all the restaurants just to get a feel of what cooking is like and get used to being in the kitchen,” he adds.

Ganesh also has worked hard to burn those extra kilos. “I used to spend three to four hours at the gym to build my muscles. I must say that I feel fitter than ever before,” he signs off.