Danes showcase cycling culture

Danes showcase cycling culture

Danes showcase cycling culture

Cycling for a cause: A Danish family rides the cycle path in centre Copenhagen. AP File photo

“Whatever the outcome of Copenhagen will be, the success of the fight against global warming depends on the efforts that all of us will be making as individuals,” Joergen Molde, the Danish ambassador to Belgium, said on Tuesday.

“Using your bike to go to work is one small effort that you can make,” Molde said, noting that about half of the commuters in Copenhagen used their bikes to get to their jobs.
Molde was speaking at the inauguration of an exhibition on cycling and of a new bike-repair point in the train station that serves the European Parliament in Brussels.

The exhibition, Dreams on Wheels, sponsored by the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other groups, has already toured cities including San Francisco, London, Tokyo and Moscow in the past year.

According to organisers, the exhibition “merges urban cycling culture, design intelligence and environmental consciousness and features case studies on how cycling has affected Danish culture” as well as “considers the history and social development of biking as a viable transportation alternative.”

The bike-repair point — where passers-by can rent a bicycle or get their bikes repaired inside the train station— aims to foster bicycle use in cities by integrating it with other modes of transport, like train travel, which are generally greener than driving a car, according to Bruno De Lille, the bike-friendly secretary of state for Brussels.

Do it like the Danes

The Danes have changed their daily habits to reduce CO2 emissions advice include: take short showers, hang your laundry out to dry, use energy-efficient light bulbs, bicycle to work and eat less meat and more of vegetables.