Learning the facets of theatre

Learning the facets of theatre

Dramatic act

The students of the Commerce department of PES Degree College conducted a drama competition on different subjects recently.

This was held after weeks of rehearsal and won the hearts of the audience. The aim of the competition, based on the theme ‘moral and ethical value’, was to bring out the talents of the students.

Two teams participated from each class of the BCom section and the students enjoyed the programme. It went on for more than five hours and more than 10 troupes took part in the competition. It was a learning experience for many students as they tried their hand at different facets of theatre like acting, script-writing, make-up etc.
Anushay, a student, said that he had a great time on and off stage and made a lot of friends.

“I did not know that we had so many talented people in class. We all worked equally hard and tried to put our best foot forward. More importantly, this experience taught us many things. For instance, I did not know that a drama has so many layers and so many people are involved in a play. It was a real eye-opener for me. I got to know many people better and made new friends. It was a great experience,” he noted.

While some students had performed on stage earlier, it was a new experience for others. They were both excited and nervous to be on stage. There were different stories and themes. This included folk as well as mythological tales. Students braved their stage fear and performed their parts to perfection.

Sneha, a student, said that she was thrilled to be a part of the drama competition but nervous at the same time. “I was very happy that I got an opportunity to showcase my talents. It seemed very difficult initially but then I coped and started feeling confident. My friends helped a lot. They advised me on how to improve my performance and also cheered for me when I was on stage. I am glad that I got this opportunity,” she explained.

The competition saw some very talented students on the stage. They set the mood with their brilliant comic timing, intuitive acting and presence of mind. It was a refreshing break for the students and they are looking forward to participating in the show next time.