Paying tribute to the legend

Paying tribute to the legend

Soulful music

Music lovers were treated to an evening of soulful music by singer MD Pallavi and her troupe at an event to pay tribute to popular singer C Aswath.

The Sugama Sangeetha show by Bhoomija was held at Chowdaiah Hall recently. The unique part of the show was that it meandered through a narrative of anecdotes in Aswath’s life which was woven together by Mohit Takalkar, a young director of Marathi theatre. The narrative was brought alive on stage by the host of the evening Vasanthi Hariprakash. Completing the evening were Aswath’s favourite dishes – Avarekai Uppittu and Kesaribath, as a complete tribute to the legend. Pallavi, the vocalist who has worked extensively with Aswath and who rendered the songs, said, “I performed with the maestro for seven years. The concept that we presented was something new. We have rehearsed for the last three months to put this show together. It is much more than a music concert. He was a musician with varied interests. And we’re here to recreate the works of Aswath.”

Eager to see how the audience would react to the different concept, Arun Kumar, who was on the drums and percussions, said, “We’re really excited about the performance and keenly anticipating the reaction from the audience.”

Some of the songs that were performed include, Rayaru Bandaru, Deepavu Ninnade and Kaanada Kadalige. The artistes who performed were Praveen D Rao on the harmonium and keyboard, Srinivas Achar on the 12-stringed guitar, Caleb
Alexander on the bass guitar, Kishore on the sitar and sarod, Sandeep on the flute, Venugopal Raju and Jagadish Kurthkoti on the tabla,
Celestin Gerald and Sathyamurhty on the dholak, Premnath Kiran on the percussions and Arun Kumar on the drums and percussions.

The audience sat in rapt attention throughout the show. Enjoying every moment of the music, they had words of appreciation. Preeti, a member of the audience and a music lover, said, “I liked the concept. Whether it was the stage work or the singing or even the food, it was great. The small gestures made a big difference.”

Sandhya, another member of the audience, said, “Since I am learning music, I make it a point to attend as many music concerts as possible. This one was quite unique. I’m even tempted to attend it another time.”  Suraj, who attended the performance along with his family said, “I have high expectations and hope that I am not disappointed.”