Pushed into drain by his friend, body found 6 days later

Pushed into drain by his friend, body found 6 days later

The body of a man, alleged to be kidnapped over a week ago, was found in a drain at west Delhi’s Vikas Puri. Police have arrested the victim’s friend for killing him by administering an overdose of drugs and then pushing him into the drain.

Victim Anil Singh, 22, a small-time dealer of iron rods, had gone missing on March 2. His family had approached Nihal Vihar police station the next day with a missing complaint. They had told police that he was last seen with 29-year-old plumber Gora with whom Anil often drank and consumed drugs.

A search for Gora was launched, but he was found missing from his home in the same area. Meanwhile, police were unable to trace Anil till they received a call on March 7 that a body was floating in a drain. The body was identified as that of Anil. The accused was arrested the next day.

“The two friends had fought over a trivial issue in an intoxicated state around 10 days before the murder. Though Gora was injured in the fight, the two had apologised to each other and settled their differences. But Gora had not forgiven him and was waiting for the right time to seek revenge,” said a senior police officer.

Finding an opportunity, he asked Anil to come with him near a drain on the pretext of consuming drugs on March 2. Even as an unsuspecting Anil drank and consumed drugs with Gora, the accused injected an overdose of mixed drugs into the victim.

Once out of his senses, Gora pushed him into the drain and walked away. A passerby noticed the floating body six days later and called police.

Gora has been booked for kidnapping and killing the victim. Police said he has confessed to the murder.