Taking fond memories

Taking fond memories

Bidding adieu

Taking fond memories

The students of Acharya Independent Pre-University College bid farewell to their institution recently. The function was marked by emotions. Amidst laughter and tears, the students recalled their times in the college. They enthusiastically took photographs with their friends, classmates, teachers and parents. 

Sahana M, a science student and Yamuna R, an outgoing commerce student were conferred with the ‘best student award’ in science and commerce stream respectively.

The ‘best outstanding student award’ for the Foundation course was given to Thomas Abed Nego from the science stream while Sabinam Rai was the recipient from the commerce stream.

Talking about her time in the college, Ananya Das Gupta, a student, said, “Though I am from West Bengal, I never felt left out here. I have made a number of friends and am leaving college with memories of a lifetime. During tough times in college, I always knew that I could turn to my lecturers, who were always supportive. Even when I was hospitalised, the motherly approach from my teachers gave me the much-needed support.” 

Sai Sharan Reddy Chilla, another outgoing student, said, “Here comes the end of another chapter in my life. At least, at this point I feel that this phase has been one of the most important and best one. But what makes me really happy is that I had such a good time and it couldn’t have been better. It’s hard to put into words all that I feel, but some day, I’m going to look back to these days and feel great.”

Not only students but many parents, who had been through the roller-coaster ride with their children, were an emotional lot.

The parents were seen thanking the faculty members for standing by their wards during their time in the college.