Pak outraged by 300 pounds Peshawari chappal, aka 'Robert'

Pak outraged by 300 pounds Peshawari chappal, aka 'Robert'

Pakistan's famous Peshawari chappals have now made their way into international fashion circuit with a top British designer selling them for a whopping 300 pounds, causing a big outcry here.

English menswear designer Sir Paul Smith, who replicated the design as his own, is selling them for 300 pounds - 20 times the cost of the same chappal in Pakistan if bought from an upscale store and nearly 50 times if bought from original show makers.

The bone of contention is that Smith decided to originally call the chappals 'Robert', without mentioning Pakistan, Peshawar or even Charsadda, or giving any credit to the region from where the design originates from.

Pakistanis have vented their anger on the social media network, tweeting and commenting against Smith.

An online petition,, was also brought out, demanding that the designer change the name of his sandals to 'Peshwari chappals'. It has already received 750 signatures.

Following the filling of petition and contacting the company, Paul Smith has updated his webpage and added a note that they have been inspired by the peshawari chappal, petition writer Muhammad Khalid Mahmood said.

"Men's high-shine black leather sandals with neon pink trims inspired by the Peshawari Chappal," says the website.

The only difference between his and that found in Pakistan is that the designer has added a pink stripe to the chappal worn by many here.