LNJP 'still not safe', docs remain wary

LNJP 'still not safe', docs remain wary

Hospital saw vandalism on Sunday

Over two days after Lok Nayak Hospital witnessed vandalism, doctors are sceptical if security measures are in place in the hospital premises.

This incident comes almost six months after a female doctor was allegedly manhandled in the hospital’s gynaecology department, which had led to a six-day strike by doctors.

“Following September’s incident, we had demanded a set of upgraded security measures. This included an increase in the number of security guards, installation of more CCTC cameras and intensive surveillance by guards,” said Suruchi Shreshtha, a member of the Resident Doctors’ Association. “We are yet to receive any feedback on the proposal forwarded to the Health Ministry in January.”

After a 27-year-old woman died during treatment, her family members indulged in vandalism on Sunday. A group of over 200 people joined the act of vandalism. Though no doctors were manhandled in the incident, doctors still feel threatened by such incidents on hospital premises.

“In the past four-and-a-half years, I have seen at least eight to nine incidents of vandalism or manhandling of doctors. There is an absolute lack of security and doctors are always vulnerable to attacks from patients’ families,” said Anand Sharma, an intern.

Another doctor, said, “What can a doctor do if a patient’s family member in rage suddenly slaps him? Bringing it to the notice of the hospital authorities is only at a later stage. There are no preventive measures in place.”

Siddharth Ramji, Medical Superintendent of the hospital, said doctors should not feel threatened worried as all safety measures are in place.

“I don’t see any reason why doctors should feel threatened. It is true that patients carried out vandalism on Sunday, including damaging walls in the premises,” Ramji said.

“However, they could not get access to the core hospital area. All security measures are in place,” Ramji added.