Always on the run

Always on the run


Always on the run

As most of the City sleeps on a Sunday morning, a number of fitness freaks gather together for a run.

A part of the ‘Nike + Run Club’ (NRC), which aims at promoting running for a personal well-being, most of these people run every week. They first gather on Brigade Road, from where they jog down to Cubbon Park. After a short warm-up, they head out for a run and meet at the starting point in Cubbon Park for a post-run workout. There are pacers who lead the group based on the distance.

Shuveshek Rai, who started running two years ago, says, “I started on my own first and then felt that being a part of the group would motivate me further. I have introduced a number of my friends and colleagues to the club too. A lot of people don’t know the dos and don’ts when they start running,” says the IT professional who runs at least thrice a week. He adds, “I started off as a beginner and over the last two years, I have participated in many marathons.”

For many, it is not only a fitness session but also a place where they can network with other runners. Aishhwariya S, a regular at the club, says, “It’s a great platform to connect with both running enthusiasts as well as veterans. Certain techniques have to be followed too, which we may not know when we run on our own. What’s good is that there is someone to answer our queries and correct us if we need help.”

The pre-run warm-up and post-run workout are the two things that Aishhwariya looks forward to. “It’s fun and you don’t feel the strain especially since there is a large group of enthusiastic people. And the feeling one experiences post exercise is the best,” she says. Kothanda Pani KC, one of the head coaches, says that there was a change in format recently, which accommodates different levels of runners.

“We have noticed that there has been a steady increase in members since we started a couple of years ago. There is no bar on age. From teenagers to those in their 60s, a wide range of runners come in,” he says, adding, “Every week, a different routine is followed. We also try and increase the distance every week.” The coach further says, “There are many who do a bit of walking first and then start running.

And each one gives his or her best shot.”  Pointing out to the running scene in the City, Reeth Abraham, another head coach of the NRC, says, “A couple of years ago, the scene was really poor. Even in a City with such good weather, no one would venture out. There were no men involved as well. But I must say that over the years, there has been a marked change. What is encouraging is that many beginners are joining the bandwagon.” Explaining that the club has a systematic training, Reeth adds, “Even those who never considered warm-ups and cool-downs important have realised their necessity.”

   Anyone can be a part of the NRC. The runners meet at the Nike Store on Brigade Road every Sunday at 6 am. As part of the training for the World 10K Run that will be held in the City on May 18, the runners will be meeting at the same place on both Saturdays and Sundays starting
March 29.