Unravelling the code of belief, faith and conviction

Unravelling the code of belief, faith and conviction

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Unravelling the code of belief, faith and conviction

In the confines of an underground hall at Instituto Cervantes, it is just not the mon­­­­ochromatic and larger-than-life frames that compel you to stay back, it’s the life, th­­e characters in them that pr­ods you to dig a little deeper into their stories, their culture, and faith.

In the exhibition ti­­­­­­­­t­­­­­led ‘The Believers’, the Spa­nish photojournalist Jordi Pizarro freezes in time the expressions of faith across the globe.
 Flickering across the walls through projectors are images from India, Poland, Jerusalem and Cuba. Even in an empty hall, these images conjure up the visuals of the animated, sil­ent, mystical or lively streets of these countries through the eyes of the photographer.

Collated from Jordi’s on-going lo­ng term project, these images belong to a body of documentary work that explores relig­ious communities in 10 different countries across four co­­­­n­­tinents.

The photojournalist’s work also captures the Kumbh Me­la from India. The images of sadhus, and the long serpentine queues around the river bring forth the expanse of the pilgrimage in Allaha­bad. Wh­ile these are few of the images that one definitely feels an instant connect with, there are others that arouse cu­riosity.

For instance, the image of a wo­­­­­­man walking on her knees to the summit of the mountain Grabarka in Poland where pilgrims carry thousands of wo­oden crosses and the mystical images from Jer­u­­­salem where pilgrims ho­ld candles at the Ch­­­urch of the Holy Sepulchre, believed to be the burial site of Jesus Christ, during the ceremony of the Holy Fire, inspire the viewer to look-up on these traditions.

The exhibition, true to its essence, highlights Jordi’s qu­est to explore the question: Wh­­­­y do people believe, and how has religion, through the ages, been used to narrate the purpose of our existence, sti­m­­­ulating a volley of questions inside the mind of a viewer.