Police round up 1,283 rowdies

Police round up 1,283 rowdies

Police round up 1,283 rowdies

The City police rounded up 1,283 history-sheeters in a raid that began at 4 am on Wednesday, in what is said to be a precautionary measure ahead of the Loki Sabha elections.

Assault weapons and 45 vehicles, belonging to the history-sheeters, have been confiscated as well, police said.

The men were later taken to the City Armed Reserve (CAR) grounds at Adugodi and Mysore Road. The police questioned them about their whereabouts and daily activities.
Precautionary measure

Kamal Pant, Additional Commissioner of Police (Law and Order), said, “The raid was conducted as a precautionary measure to prevent any untoward incident ahead of the elections in the City. The photographs of the history-sheeters and finger prints were collected and they were warned against indulging in any illegal activities during the elections.”

Another police officer said that several alleged goons had continued their illegal activities even after courts granted them bail in several cases. “We have to monitor the activities of such people,” the officer added.

No of rowdies rounded up:

Central (police division)- 92; East- 150; West- 306; North- 309; South- 210; South East - 98; North East- 118.