Youth helps sweetheart cheat, thrashes teacher

Youth helps sweetheart cheat, thrashes teacher

The invigilator at an exam going on in  room number 29 at the DSN College in Unnao district were taken aback on Wednesday when they saw a youth entering the room and going straight to a girl.

The boy not only handed over some material to her but also started dictating answers to her.

On being asked, Rajan told the invigilator that he was in the adjoining room – he too was taking an exam – and   was ‘merely’ helping the girl.

According to eyewitness accounts, Raja initially requested the invigilator, who was a teacher at the college, to let him help the girl. But the teacher refused and asked him to leave the room at once and threatened to call the security personnel stationed at the college.

Irked over the refusal, Rajan allegedly caught the invigilator by his collar and assaulted him triggering chaos in the room.

However, he managed toescape before cops could reach there after being informed by the other students.

The teachers at the college later boycotted the examinations in protest against inadequate security arrangements at the centre.

College principal Dr Manvendra Singh said a report had been lodged with the police and the culprit had been barred from appearing in the rest of the papers.

He said the college management has asked the district authorities to deploy more security personnel in and around the college until the examinations were over.

The boy and the girl are reported to be in love. He knew that she was weak in Chemistry, the exam she was taking.