Clinging to ethics while pursuing love

Clinging to ethics while pursuing love

Love Show
Kannada (U/A)  ¬
Director: A Srinivasa Rao
Cast: Santhosh Varun, Shishira and host of Telugu actors

A father is desperate to commit suicide and if possible make his wife and daughter join him. Disturbed by this, the Lord appears before the family and gives them the boon of riches – with riders attached, of course. There’s also a boy who’s as large-hearted as Sanju Baba was in his childhood and who gets his parents to support his four friends. Years later, the boy and friends take up jobs while the girl is studying medicine. A project leads her to the Red Light area, where she finds the boy and his friends. She tricks them into believing she is a prostitute but in turn is bowled over by the boy’s kindness and virtue.

The boys are there to ‘rescue’ a friend’s sister. The boy and girl also happen to be related, which the boy initially is unaware of. Throw in the company owner who’s on the lookout for a rich bride, a conman and a well-meaning college professor, and Love Show supposedly has its share of comedy.

But there is another speciality of this film. Love Show is another example for why dubbing should NOT be allowed in any form.

Peopled mostly by Telugu actors, some of whom are past their prime and popularity, who are in and out of various TV programmes, Love Show insults the naive trust of an audience gullible enough to watch a film as stupidly outdated as this one.

Dubbing artistes, including Ravindranath, Shivamurthy and the dialogue writer, try mightily to “adapt” the screenplay to local sensibilities, but lip movements of the actors are a dead giveaway as well as their mannerisms. That actors like Bullet Prakash, Tabla Nani and Sadhu Kokila are used in a manner that beggars belief, adds to insult to injury.

The whole ensemble is boorish with nothing to sustain or offset their antics. Neither cinematography nor music appeal. The story has nothing new to add either.

Hero Santhosh Varun looks all fresh while Shishira appears quite seasoned! With no direction or coherence, Love Show tortures and then lulls the viewer into exhausted sleep, smartly side-stepping the fact that it is just another ploy of some cash-hungry producers to rip off the audience’s and the government’s largesse.
Strictly to be avoided.