Teen murders ex-girlfriend at exam centre

Teen murders ex-girlfriend at exam centre

Allegedly irked over refusal of his ex-girlfriend to speak to him, a teen shot her dead inside an examination room packed with students at a school in state’s Shahjahanpur district.

The incident occurred at Kendriya Vidyalaya in the cantonment area on Thursday when the victim, a class 12 student, was appearing for her Board examinations.
The alleged culprit Shubham Srivastava is her classmate at the same school and was an examinee at the same centre.

Police sources said Shubham barged into the examination room where the victim was writing her paper and shot her twice much to the horror of the other examinees and the invigilators.

The victim was hit in the chest and shoulder. She was rushed to a nearby hospital but was declared brought dead.

Shubham walked out of the room without being stopped. But the alert army jawans present at the school gate managed to catch him and handed him over to the police.
The victim’s father said Shubham had been stalking his daughter for the past several months and he had also assaulted her brother when the latter tried to reason with him and asked him not to stalk his sister.

Her father said that he had also spoken to Shubham’s parents in this regard and had asked them to reign him in. But Shubham continued to stalk her.

“I used to take my daughter to the school and also pick her up after the school hours,” the distraught father said.

He wondered as to how could Shubham carry a pistol to the examination hall when no student is allowed inside in without proper checking.

As the matter had also reached the school authorities, the parents of Shubham and the girl were asked to furnish an affidavit undertaking that their wards would not create any problem during the examinations.

They had been given admit card only after the parents had furnished the affidavits to this effect.

Police sources said Shubham and the victim had been friends for the past three years.

However, the girl had stopped speaking to him after being warned by her family members angering Shubham.