BJP, JD(S) trying to encash 'Kasturirangan report row'

BJP, JD(S) trying to encash 'Kasturirangan report row'

55 villages in Kodagu have been identified as eco-sensitive zones

The Kasturirangan report on Western Ghats which has become a political issue in Kerala during the election time, has taken shape in the similar way in Kodagu too.

Major political parties including the BJP and the JD(S) which have opposed the implementation of the report, have been flaying the Congress in the Centre and the State, giving a political colour to the issue.

Furthermore, opposition parties in the State are taking a dig at the Central and the State government for failing to exclude human habitation areas of Western Ghats from eco-sensitive zone. Following strong demand in Kerala, the Central government has given nod to exclude human habitation areas from eco-sensitive zone limits in Kerala.

In Kerala, the Kasturirangan report has identified 13,108 sq km land as eco-sensitive. Of this land, 886 sq km is occupied by human habitat, agriculture land and plantation.
Therefore, the Kerala government requested the Central government to exclude the said area from eco-sensitive zone, for which the Centre has agreed.

 The opposition party leaders in Kodagu are questioned as to why the Karnataka government did not appeal the Centre, requesting to amend the rules.

As many as 1,500 villages, including 55 villages in Kodagu have been identified in the State as eco-sensitive zone. The BJP leaders have been saying that two of the committee’s recommendations, to ban single crop system and using of fertilisers for cultivation, will affect the agriculturists.

Why not the Congress government trying to prevent this, they have asked. Speaking to Deccan Herald, BJP leader Addanda Kariyappa said that the BJP had given bandh call opposing the implementation of the report.

But, it withdrew the call owing to the assurance from Chief Minister Siddharamaiah who had said that the recommendations will not be implemented without collecting public opinion. But, the State government has not taken any steps so far to stop the implementation of the report, he said.

JD(S) District President V P Shashidhar said that the elected representatives from the BJP and the Congess have failed to explain the Central government about the problems faced by people due to the implementation of the report.

The BJP has mainly taken Kasturirangan issue for election propaganda, giving an emotional angle to it, by keeping 4.30 lakh voters of Kodagu in mind.