Murder, he wrote in exam

Murder, he wrote in exam

Police plan to use his answer book to prove he planned to kill girlfriend

The question in the Hindi examination paper required an answer that would have demonstrated the literary abilities of the candidate.

But it turned out to be the outpouring of a teen who later shot dead his ex-girlfriend in an examination room packed with people in Shahjahanpur district.

The student wrote about ‘betrayal’ and ‘humiliation’ in the answer sheet.

“I was always humiliated by her though I always owned her wrongs. Because of her, my family began to hate me,” Shubham Srivastav, wrote in his answer to a question in the answer books of the Board examinations for class 12.

Shubham shot the girl at Kendriya Vidyalaya in Cantonment area in the town on Thursday as the victim, also a student of class 12, was appearing in her Board examinations. Both were students at the same school.

On the day of the incident, Shubham barged into the examination room where the victim was writing her paper and shot her twice to the horror of the other examinees and invigilators. The victim was hit in the chest and shoulder.

“You (girl) are not being good to me. Your brothers have been harassing me,” Shubham reportedly wrote. He also referred to his humiliation at a farewell party at the school a few months ago. His outpourings ran into four pages.

Police said the what he wrote showed the state of Shubham’s mind. “He had already made plans to kill the girl,” a police officer said.

Officials said they had obtained a certified copy of the answer book. “It will be used as evidence in the case. It will strengthen our case against Shubham,” an official said.