The day I left my City

The day I left my City

I thought I’d have to leave
all my joys behind,
Since I would miss my friends
who were all so kind;
But yet in my new place, I learnt how to face:
The troubles of life.
I learnt how to pray,
Faithfully everyday;
I discovered my talent,

which was secret and silent,
I learnt how to shop
without wanting to stop.
Now, when I turn around and look at my past,
It looks so misty and full of frost
And when I look ahead of me,
The bright future, I am see;
Full of colours and joy,
Its so wonderful for me to enjoy.

And now when I think how good life has been:
I feel it has crossed what I could possibly dream.

Sahana P IX ‘D’ ,
Carmel Convent,

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