There's something for everyone

There's something for everyone

Beautifying Metro

There's something for everyone

Namma Metro is determined to make commuting a fun-filled experience. It has decided to replicate the interactive space below the MG Road Boulevard at a few more stations, including the newly-opened stretch between Sampige Road and Peenya.

The design team of Metro Rail has been working overtime to ensure that the spaces at Metro stations, wherever available, are used in a constructive way and not let these fall prey to garbage dumping and parking.

Metrolife interacted with the Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Ltd (BMRCL) officials to understand the designs in store and asked people how they find the interactive spaces below the stations.

A senior official with the design team of BMRCL informs that the idea of creating these interactive spaces is to offer a wholesome experience to people before or after a ride in the Metro. The idea is to bring in art and art-related activities into these spaces. The design team has planned an ecological centre and to start some activity related to science at one of the centres.

“We intend to open a museum at one of the stations and display the historically relevant artefacts we unearthed during the digging of underground metro,” shares a senior official with BMRCL.

He adds, “And below the Kuvempu Metro Station that joins a park, we hope to have a coffee shop or an open-air theatre where people could hold poetry reading sessions or stage plays. There would be sculptures displayed at the Malleswaram Metro station.”

The official further states that open panels and awkward spaces within the stations will be covered with surreal paintings created by John Devaraj. “Instead of covering the panels with plain glass, we thought we should make them look visually appealing by erecting art work panels that are made from scrap material.

This will be replicated at all stations where there are open panels. There will also be art work hanging from the ceiling,” informs the official.

He states that BMRCL will join hands with art schools, educational institutions and cottage emporiums to involve them in contributing to beautifying the spaces below Metro stations. “Institutional support is imperative to keep the idea of interactive spaces alive. The idea is to get people out of cinema halls, malls and bring them to open spaces like the one we have at MG Road,” he adds.

The total expenditure for sprucing up the Metro stations with art and art-related work will cost nothing less than a lakh per station.

Those who regularly commute by Metro Rail or simply go for a joy ride appreciate the fact that the spaces below the Metro stations have been used constructively. Shashikala, a retired bank employee who lives in Peenya, says that she now hops on to the Metro Rail to come to Malleswaram.

“It is nice to have a cup of tea just after you get off the Metro Rail or shop at the station. The Metro Rail will be an effective transport system only once it connects the entire City,” reasons Shashikala. Adhishree, a student at MS Ramaiah College, feels that hanging around Metro stations opens up a host of opportunities.

“You get to eat at tiny restaurants, sit through poetry sessions and indulge in some art. And it’s also one of the best places to bring friends and family to. There’s something for everyone,” she sums up.