Senior citizens die in Mumbai blaze

Senior citizens die in Mumbai blaze

A massive blaze in a high-rise building early on Sunday morning charred two senior citizens to death and left two others severely burnt, officials were quoted as saying.

 The couple’s daughter and teenaged grandson, who lived in an adjacent flat, were trapped for nearly two hours on the ledge outside the balcony.

Thane fire brigade stated that at around 5 am, residents of Gulmohar Building in Sundervan Complex saw huge flames leaping out from the 11th floor. 

The flames later went on to engulf even the floor above it.

While two persons with severe burns manage to escape from the 11th floor, 82-year-old Shivajirao Choughule and his wife Nirmala, 78, could not escape and were found dead after the fire was snuffed out.

Daughter Ranjana Save and grandson Vikramaditya had to be rescued through the staircase by the fire brigade eventually.

All other residents were rescued by the firefighters. the cause of the blaze is not known.