Kejri ready to fight Modi

Kejri ready to fight Modi

Says final decision after meeting Varanasi people

Kejri ready to fight Modi

Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) convener Arvind Kejriwal announced on Sunday that he will contest the Lok Sabha election from Varanasi, pitting himself against BJP prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi, but added that a final decision would be taken after meeting people of the constituency. 

Addressing an enthusiastic crowd of supporters at Freedom Park here, Kejriwal said: “The party wants me to contest against Modi and I have accepted the challenge. Now, the people of Varanasi will decide on it.” The announcement was greeted with loud cheers by his supporters.  

The BJP central election committee on Saturday decided that Modi will contest from the temple town in Uttar Pradesh, ending weeks of speculation.

A combative Kejriwal remarked: “I will go to Varanasi on March 23. If people of Varanasi decide to give me this responsibility, I will accept it wholeheartedly.”

Underlining that it was important to defeat Modi, he said: “It is not a small challenge. I am ready to accept this challenge. I appeal to people from all over the country to reach Varanasi on Sunday.”

Winding up his two-day tour of Bangalore and adjoining towns, Kejriwal  ridiculed Modi. “Why is Modi scared of me? I went to meet him but he got me stopped 5 km short of his house. I was not carrying a gun or a stick, I do not understand why he is so scared of speaking to me. Now I hear that he is looking for another safe seat to contest other than Varanasi. Is he that scared? India does not want a prime minister who is looking for a safe seat to contest .”

Kejriwal said: “If Modi becomes prime minister, there will be fixed rates for bribing officials to get work done like it is in Gujarat. On my recent visit to Gujarat, I found how transparent Modi’s government is in terms of seeking an exact amount for every work.”

Terming Mukesh Ambani the “kingmaker”, the AAP leader said: “It is Mukesh Ambani who runs the country. He has Rahul Gandhi in one pocket and Modi in another. It is he who funds the election campaigns of both of them and the poor Indians think that they are voting for the BJP or the Congress. In two months, there will be election to the Delhi Assembly and people of Delhi will vote for us with over 50 seats. Then, we will send the BJP and the Congress (leaders) to jail.”