Opportunities galore on campus

Opportunities galore on campus

The campus of Nitte Meenakshi Institute of Technology (NMIT) was filled with excitement at Anaadyanta, the annual fest of the college.

   The fest was spread across three days and had more than 18,000 students taking part.

   The themes for the fest were ‘Jungle Saga’ and ‘The Conservation Project’.
Some of the events like ‘Robo Wars’, ‘Robo Soccer’ and ‘Code Jam’ kept the students glued throughout.

Attracting large crowds was the ‘street dance’, which saw some creative and innovative moves.

   Dying art forms like Kampsale, Dollu Kunitha and Singari Melam were also exhibited around a bonfire.

The much-awaited event of the second day was ‘Ground Zero’, which saw the participation of over 25 bands in western, eastern and acoustic category and had the crowd head-banging to their tunes.

   The second day of the fest also had ‘Choreo Night’, a dance drama and a fashion show, which saw a fierce competition between the models and designers of each colleges trying to outshine one another.

The final day of the fest kickstarted with the Western and Indian group dance events, ‘Aircrash’ and ‘Mad Ads’.

   But the moment everyone was waiting for was the performance of ‘Higher on Maiden’, the official tribute band of metal gods ‘Iron Maiden’.

Deepak, a final-year mechanical engineering student of NMIT, said, “I don’t think we could have done a better job. The quality of the performances was brilliant. However, I feel that if the fest had been held in another month, we would have had an even better turnout. Yet we had over 18,000 students participating. The highlight of the fest was the bonfire.” He added, “It was one of the best shows we have put up thus far.”

Mackton, a sixth-semester student, said, “It was wonderful listening to ‘Higher on Maiden’. And we were not disappointed one bit. Despite having a drummer who fell ill, the band did well and left everyone asking for more. The band members even obliged a lot of fans with photographs and autographs. The fest lived up to its theme- ‘Just go wild’!”