Lookalike campaigns for Modi in Varanasi

Lookalike campaigns for Modi in Varanasi

People roaming on the picturesque ghats by the bank of the Ganges in the holy town of Varanasi were surprised when they found ‘Narendra Modi’ there too, appealing for their support and votes.

A little while later, devotees at the Kashi Vishwanath Temple also found ‘Modi’ among themselves, offering obeisance at the temple.

He had a turban and spectacles and none was in doubt that he was a different person.
As the crowd gathered around ‘Modi’ and the situation threatened to get out of control, ‘Modi’ revealed his true identity.

This ‘Modi’ turned out to be Abhinandan Pathak, a resident of UP’s Saharanpur district, who has been campaigning in different parts of the state to canvass support for the BJP prime ministerial candidate and Gujarat chief minister.

Many among the shocked people were still under the belief that he was the real Modi.
Pathak, who has strong resemblance with Modi, has been campaigning in Varanasi after the leader was officially declared as the BJP nominee from Varanasi. Pathak has become the centre of attraction in the town.

“I want Modi to become the Prime Minister of the country. If the BJP leadership directs, I am ready to devote more time to campaigning not only in Varanasi but elsewhere in the country also,” he said.

Earlier too, Pathak had canvassed for Modi in UP’s Meerut district. He had visited different localities in the district to mobilise people for Modi’s rally, which was held in the town last month.