Indulge in an aamasutra fantasy

Indulge in an aamasutra fantasy

King of fruits

Indulge in an aamasutra fantasy

Indians are truly obsessed with this fruit. And why not, mangoes are found in hundreds of varieties all throughout the summer season. Sour or unripe, mangoes are used in chutneys, pickles, side dishes or may be eaten raw with salt and chillies.

Mangoes are used to make summer drinks aam panna and mango shake. The latter is another popular drink made by mixing ripe mangoes with milk and sugar. Aamras is also a popular juice made of mangoes with sugar or milk, and is consumed with bread, rice or pooris.

Neeraj Kumar Malhotra, executive chef of Life Caffe, said, “We have a cut fruit platter, where we put in mango pieces along with other seasonal fruits. We also make mango lassi made from curd, mango pulp and mango pieces. We also offer mango Greek salad made from mango, veggie, baby corn and iceberg lettuce.”

Other than pickles and chutneys, mangoes are used to make murabbas and aamchur. Apart from being used for make juices, smoothies, fruit bars, pies, and used as a flavouring, mangoes are also a major ingredient in ice cream and other desserts.

Ashish Joshi, executive chef of Jaypee Siddharth, says, “Mango blends really well with salads, so we offer salad along with aam panna and flavoured smoked lassi. We also have mango rabri, mango tarts and mango pastries too. We also make mango salsa served with nachos and chicken breast stuffed with mango along with sweet and sour mango pulp. We also make aam ka murg but only on special order.”

Other dishes are coriander chicken with mango salsa, which is made from fresh fruit salsa and is served over seasoned chicken breast to deliver a simple and versatile dish that is sure to delight. Grilled Basa with Mangolicious Chillie Beurre Blanc dish is another sure shot hit available at Zura Bistro

Bar Bakery.Chef Swasti Aggarwal from Foodhall, said, “Along with all possible varieties of mangoes that we sell here in summer, we also have Mexican mango salad made from mango, watermelon, other tropical fruits with Mexican dressing, which is made with Cayenne pepper, roasted cumin, lime juice and jalapeños. We also serve mango mousse, mango gateau and mango smoothies.”