'I know I am not a great actor'

'I know I am not a great actor'

Modesty speaks

'I know I am not a great actor'

Actor Rajeev Khandelwal defines the term path-breaking with every role that he essays. The actor is pretty clear about doing different roles and accepting a new challenge every time.

“I have never had a career graph or blueprint. The sense of achievement I get by doing something different is very satisfying. Today, there is so much to do in Hindi films and I am happy with the films I have done. I have realised where my strengths lie and to know that a film that I am doing is unique gives me a huge high,” he says.

He is all praises for Kangana Ranaut’s performance in ‘Queen’ and adds that there is a huge market for alternate films today.

“Many people think that the audience today does not want to watch different types of films. But it is not so. People today want to watch all kinds of films and are open to different concepts. Look at Kahaani, it did so well. It was released to check whether the audience is ready for such kind of films and people loved it. I think these films are fantastic.

They do not resort to a typical formula. They have a fresh approach,” he says.When asked if he would like to do a quintessential Bollywood film, he says, “If I can do justice to the role, I will do it. But if I’m offered a run-of-the-mill film, I might not have the conviction to say yes. I am pretty happy with the kind of films that I am doing right now,” he notes.

“Nowadays, you can do everything. It’s not about the medium. It’s about being good at what you do. When I was doing Sach Ka Samna, all my contemporaries asked me why was I doing it. I think we need to come out of our comfort zone and do something different. If an exciting series comes to me, I would love to experiment. Television is a huge medium and every film actor is doing it. It gives you a much bigger high but I don’t want to repeat myself.

I had a romantic image on TV but I did not play a similar character again as I did not want to become comfortable with that notion,” he notes.The actor is all set for the release of his upcoming film ‘Samrat and Co’ and keeping his fingers crossed.

Ask him what keeps him grounded and he says that it is his capacity to learn from his drawbacks.

“If you look at my career graph, I have always done something that will help me grow as an actor. I know I am not a great actor and only I know my drawbacks. But I have the guts to experiment. Subconsciously, it gives me a lot of confidence,” he concludes.