Let your tinted hair down!

Let your tinted hair down!

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Let your tinted hair down!

The balmy shade of early summer is perhaps the perfect time to go out and be playful with your look. Let your locks loosen up and blow with the wind and on that, try out some funky colours to keep the glamour quotient soaring high.

If experimenting like Katy Perry (remember her changing hair hues from the smurf blue to multicoloured and now the basic black look) is your thing, then this one’s for you as Metrolife asks hair experts and stylists their advice for getting the perfect tint for your hair this summer.

Streaks continue to be a rage, while youngsters are also spotted with a rainbow range of temporary hair extensions. For jazzing up your hair for summers, the iconic beauty and hair expert Shahnaz Husain suggests bright hair colours, with streaks or highlights, and even dip dye, elaborating, “For instance, you can have dark brown or chocolate, with a few streaks of blonde, platinum or red.

Another new trend, which may be ideal for summer is the ombre hair look, in which the colour fades gradually from dark at the top to light at the ends. You can go from chocolate brown to light brown, if you opt for it.

And in dip dye, the ends of the hair are coloured differently. For example, you can go for burgundy hair colour, with a purple tinge at the ends. Experiment with long hair, colouring the lower half of the hair, only on one side with a lighter colour, or colour the side swept fringe.” Excited to try all these tricks up your coiffure? You bet!

Hair stylist Yash Bhutani describes the trending look this season as ‘a subtle look, a combination of two shades (light and dark). Colours like honey gold, walnut, gold and coffee brown, brown are in demand, while red alone remains to be in vogue this season as well.”

To protect your coloured hair against direct sunlight and pollution, the stylist suggests, “Regular hair spa, twice a month, would suffice to prevent hair damage. Besides, you may use Moroccan hair oil once a week along with using coloured hair-specific shampoos and serum for your hair.”

Adding to that advice, Dr  Mudasir Rashid Khan, dermatologist and cosmetologist at Enhance clinic lists some easy to make homemade masks for dry, frizzy or damaged hair. “Try banana mask, grinding a ripe banana with a tablespoon full of lemon or honey for healthy hair or go in for an oatmeal mask, mixing oats with almond or olive oil to eliminate excessive oil and dandruff from your scalp.”