Unarmed security guards easy prey for criminals

Unarmed security guards easy prey for criminals

 The attack on a security guard at an ATM in Kammanahalli has brought to the fore how unarmed guards are becoming easy targets of criminals.

In recent months, three security guards at various ATM kiosks have suffered injuries after being attacked with lethal weapons. In the past decade, around 30 guards, deployed by private security agencies at various establishments, have been murdered and many cases have remained unresolved.

Blaming employers for guards becoming soft targets, police cite the security agencies’ failure to obtain arms licence to equip their staff with weapons and provide professional training in self-defence.

DCP (North) Sandeep Patil said deploying guards without suitably arming them defeats the very purpose of security. Ironically, it is not mandatory for security agencies to arm guards with weapons.

With demand outstripping supply, security agencies are heavily dependent on men from North and Northeast India. Further, the agencies, beset with shortage of young and energetic guards, compromise on safety, owners of a few security firms said.

ATMs located in deserted areas need better monitoring as they are easy prey for attackers due to scarce movement of people. According to Mahesh Rathore from Bihar, at times guards are petrified to be alone in such areas as “we are not armed to protect ourselves.”

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