Sibal's assets tripled over past five years

Sibal's assets tripled over past five years

Ashish Khetan, 28 others file nominations

The assets of Union Law Minister Kapil Sibal have tripled in the past five years. In the affidavit filed with the nomination forms for Chandni Chowk constituency, Sibal has declared assets of Rs 114 crore.

In his affidavit filed ahead of  2009 parliamentary elections, his assetd had added up to about Rs 30 crore.

Apart from the Congress leader, Aam Aadmi Party's Ashish Khetan (New Delhi) and Anand Kumar (North-East Delhi), and Bharatiya Janata Party's Mahesh Giri (East Delhi) also filed their nominations on Thursday.

Altogether, 29 candidates filed their papers in Delhi during the day.
Sibal's assets include property, cash, jewellery and other valuables belonging to his wife Promila Sibal.

Gems and precious stones owned by Promila are worth Rs 1 crore. She has moveable assets of Rs 13 crore, over  Rs 15 crore in bank deposits and 4.6 kg of gold.
Sibal owns or has a share in 17 properties, which include residential, commercial and agricultural land, and are worth over Rs 68 crore.

He has also invested Rs 4.2 crore as advance payment for purchase of property.
His wife owns a house in Delhi's New Friends Colony worth Rs 28 crore and has also invested Rs 17 lakh as advance payment for buying  property.

Sibal paid Rs 77 lakh as income tax and his wife Rs 28.73 lakh last year, according to his affidavit.

AAP’s Ashish Khetan, a former investigative journalist, has declared assets amounting to Rs 1.34 crore, including those in his wife Christiana Lydia Fernandes’ name.
Together, they paid about

Rs 26 lakh as income tax last year. He has a house in Noida Sector 128 worth Rs 70 lakh and a commercial plot worth Rs 6 lakh in Barabanki area of Uttar Pradesh.
He also has a liability of Rs 30 lakh in car and home loans.

Anand Kumar, the AAP contestant from North-East Delhi, has decl
ared total assets to be worth Rs 2.8 crore. He has share in property in Varanasi worth Rs 1.2 crore and owns a flat in Gurgaon worth Rs 1.2 crore. He paid  Rs 17.2 lakh as income tax last year.

No criminal cases are pending against Sibal, Kumar and Khetan. Mahesh Giri, the BJP candidate from the East Delhi declared an annual income of Rs 6, 91,309. Giri has no movable or immovable property, Rs 15,860 cash in hand and Rs 27,265 in his bank account. But he possesses gold, jewellery, sculptures and other valuables worth over Rs 52 lakh. Giri has two criminal cases pending against him in Gujarat.