Documentary film on traffic police

Documentary film on traffic police

A 15-minute documentary will attempt to present a different view of the Bangalore traffic police from “malleable, physically unfit and unnecessarily obtrusive” while executing their duties to a more balanced and positive view by portraying their side of the story.

The documentary titled ‘The Resilient Bangalore Traffic Cop’ will delve into the arduous lives of the traffic police and the health and safety hazards posed by their job.

Additional Commissioner of Police (Traffic) B Dayananda said: “Portraying a balanced image of the Bangalore traffic police is essential to building a positive, vibrant and helpful image. Bangalore traffic police would extend all support to complete this project.”

The project will be filmed by a crew of 15 students from Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematics, a 3D animation and VFX Institute, selected through audition process from a pool of more than 200 students in collaboration with the Bangalore traffic police.

Filming will comme­nce on April 1. The docu­­mentary will be made using professional, high-end equipment and is scheduled to be released in the second week of May.