Delighted to start with a win: Brendon

Delighted to start with a win: Brendon

New Zealand captain Brendon McCullum was “delighted” to start their ICC World Twenty20 campaign on a winning note but said a lot will depend on “luck” for all the teams to progress to the knockout stage of the tournament.

“During our innings it was wet and the top surface was slippery so hopefully we can overcome that and take the toss factor out of it. But the game was evenly poised,” McCullum said after New Zealand defeated England by nine runs via Dutchworth Lewis method here on Saturday.
 “It’s a funny tournament, both teams are going to need an immense amount of luck to get through. Both teams will be pleased with the performance but we’re obviously delighted with the win,” he added.  With heavy rains unabated, play could not be resumed forcing the umpires to call off the match.

While thunder claps and lightning had started early, on-field umpires Aleem Dar of Pakistan and Paul Reiffel of Australia decided to continue the match for a few minutes, before heavy rains made it impossible to play.

Losing England captain Stuart Broad was left ruing umpire’s decision to allow the game to continue for two more balls in the fifth over despite thunder claps and lightning. “I think it would have been a good game had it lasted 40 overs, both sides were at a similar stage at the end of the Powerplay but you can’t do a huge amount about the weather.

We should have come off for the lightning earlier. The umpires’ decision making was average in that regard.”