Grooving to the beats

Grooving to the beats

tough battle

Grooving to the beats

The first regional semi-finals of ‘Hard Rock Rising-Battle of the Bands 2013’ was recently held at Hard Rock Café. After an online voting to pick the top nine Bangalore bands, three bands had to perform at every semi-final round to win a slot for the regional finals, the winner of which will move to the nationals.

The lucky global winner will receive an all-expenses paid trip to Rome to perform at ‘Hard Rock Live Rome’ this summer.

Progressive rock band ‘Buffer Zone’, hip-hop dancehall crew ‘Low Rhyderz’ and fusion Hindi band Japa Theband competed in the first round, which was judged by composer Ricky Kej and DJ Ivan.

Japa, which comprised of Art of Living members, performed original compositions like Mahi Ve, Bheed Main and Na Pata. “We really had a good time performing at a venue like Hard Rock. The crowd seemed to enjoy the music a lot and was very encouraging. Having three distinct genres to listen to and judge made it a more interesting competition,” said bassist Rohit.
 Nishant, vocalist of ‘Buffer Zone’, was equally content with the audience response. “The results will be announced later but we’re pretty confident that we’ll win. A lot of our friends showed up for the gig and in the online voting, we had maximum votes. We performed our own compositions like ‘I’m the Boogeyman’, ‘Third Eye’ and ‘Pedal to the Metal’, which were received well,” he said.

Hip-hop crew ‘Low Rhyderz’ also left an impression on the crowd who were seen grooving to their tunes. “It’s not easy for a dancehall band to move crowds in Hard Rock Café. But they were with us throughout and many people came and chilled with us after the show, which was awesome. We don’t compete as a band because music is about spreading vibes and happiness. If we qualify, that’s a bonus,” said Jassim, a crew member.

The audience enjoyed each of the bands and said that such competitions allow local talents to emerge. “All the bands had a distinct sound and it was incredible to be part of such an experience. I’ve been to a lot of gigs at this venue but this particular one was exceptional,” said Nisha, an audience member.

Attendees also had their personal favourites based on the performances. Rahul, an audience member, said, “‘Buffer Zone’ was an interesting band that managed to complement the feel-good vibe of the gig. The band had the uncanny ability to add their own flavour to their covers, which is a remarkable trait.”