Low light towers make task of fielders, 'keepers tough

Low light towers make task of fielders, 'keepers tough

Yuvraj Singh isn’t the same agile fielder that he once he used to be. The 33-year-old, however, isn’t someone whom you want to hide and Bhuvneshwar Kumar is one of the safest Indian fielders, patrolling the boundary line.

The two have had far from satisfying stints on the field in the two matches against Pakistan and West Indies, dropping catches and struggling to stop the ball in the deep. Yuvraj put down Mohammad Hafeez and Chris Gayle at deep mid-wicket and both times he had plenty of time to hold on to the offers.

It’s not just the two that have struggled to judge catches; they have company in Rohit Sharma, R Ashwin, Saeed Ajmal, Shahid Afridi and Hafeez. In three Super-10 matches so far here at the Sher-e- Bangla stadium, as many as eight catches have been dropped under lights. Suresh Raina, one of the finest fielders, managed to take three high catches against Pakistan but immediately pointed to his team-mates that he had some issues sighting the ball when he barely managed hold on to Afridi’s swat to mid-wicket.

It’s not just the catches, the wicket-keepers too are finding it to difficult to sight throws from the deep while ground-fielding too has become that much more difficult. Most of the players and the support staff thought there could be some problem with light towers that are too low but they weren’t too convinced of it.

“I think the light towers are very low, especially when you are fielding at mid-wicket,” said Raina after the Pakistan match. West Indies’ coach Ottis Gibson agreed with Raina.

 “There have been catches dropped at night. When I watch the fielders throw the ball back at a certain height, the wicket-keeper seems blinded. The lights seem a little low, but we haven’t had any major complaints,” the Windies coach remarked.

Indian skipper MS Dhoni gave a long explanation without giving any reason for the problem. “It is not only a problem with the Indian team as of now,” he began.

“There have been quite a few catches that have been dropped. I don’t know whether it is the surrounding or something else. I feel the fielders in the deep are finding it quite difficult to judge the ball. What are the exact reasons I do not know but that is something we will have to overcome because if you drop a big hitter you may end up giving too many runs which can be very difficult to chase. So, I think that definitely is a problem,” said the Indian skipper.

Bangladesh skipper Mushfiqur Rahim should know a thing or two about the venue and he too indicated there could be some issues with light towers. “The stands and atmosphere here make it difficult to catch the ball. It’s difficult to catch under lights in any ground in the world, but the low stands and spectators here make it difficult to catch the high balls.”