'The extension will help the music scene'


'The extension will help the music scene'

With the deadline on nightlife being extended, many are still confused about what to do with the extra hours. 

However, music venue owners and performers feel that the extra time will help the music scene in the City. 

Nikhil of ‘The Humming Tree’ says that the deadline extension means that the place is open for a few more hours along with an additional artiste performing during the weekends.

“We usually have one artiste performing during the weekends but now, the number of acts will increase and we will have two artistes per day,” he says.

Nikhil adds that most of the people, who came during the first weekend of the extension, were drinking responsibly and chilling out at the venue. Hence, he feels that adding an extra artiste is a requirement.
 For some, it’s too early to plan anything yet. Arati Rao Shetty, head of programming with BFlat, says that most Bangaloreans are conditioned to winding up at 11.30 pm and thus, it will take them some time to settle into the extended deadline.

“BFlat will be going ahead with the concerts that have already been scheduled.

The changes will depend on the audience and budget. I’m going to take a feedback from my clientele to see what they want before making any changes,” says Arati.

Some say that bringing another artiste for the evening might not be a great idea and to fill the time gap, they would have a disc jockey play after an artiste performs. 

Carlton Braganza, owner of ‘Opus’ and ‘Opus in the Creek’, says, “We are following the usual format and might extend the evening’s performance by an extra 30 minutes. But it will not be more than that.”

He adds that music venues fought for a deadline extension for a while but Bangalore still needs to adjust to the change. “Also no one walks in for a live gig at 12 am. So adding an extra act may not work well,” he says.

The bands in the City also have a mixed response about the extended deadline but are excited nonetheless.

Rajeev Rajagopal, the drummer of indie-rock band ‘Thermal And A Quarter’, voices that the deadline extension will increase the number of opportunities for the bands.

“Often, many bands start performing only 9 pm onwards and have to end their acts by 10.30 pm. The extended deadline will give a chance for longer sets and also provide more exposure to the bands,” says Rajeev.

He adds that Bangalore has a genuine understanding of original music and thus, this deadline is a blessing. 

Most bands have members working in other professions.

Abhijith A Bhat from ‘Mind Map’, a band which plays experimental instrumental music, says that this deadline extension will help those who have to meet other deadlines before playing a gig.

“It will help bands grow commercially and support the ones, which jam together only during the weekends. Also, a band might be able to do two gigs in one night with this extension,” he says excitedly.

Others like Salman Syed, manager of old-school metal band ‘Kryptos’, says that since the extension just happened, it’s too early to say what will happen next.

“We still haven’t realised that places are open till 1 am since we are so accustomed to everything closing at 11 pm. But it will definitely help the music scene as the venues will have more bands playing,” Salman wraps up.

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