'I believe in destiny'

'I believe in destiny'

Multi-faceted Star

'I believe in destiny'

She first ventured into the world of capital before taking the plunge into the world of glamour. Bollywood actress Vishaka Singh started her career as a venture capitalist. She studied management in London for two years and had contributed her mite to her father’s business house before getting offers to act. Vishaka thinks her looks are an advantage.

“Many people have told me that I have looks that are both Indian and international. That’s precisely why I can hit it off well in any language,” says Vishaka during her recent visit to the City.

She thinks actresses have a short shelf-life and therefore it is imperative to chalk out a backup plan. “The scenario is slowly but steadily changing. Actresses are no longer expected to be naive and dumb on screen. They now have something substantial to do. But how long it will last is questionable,” feels Vishaka. She feels it is important to first complete your education, “Newcomers are extremely enamoured by the glamour but all this comes with a lot of hard work,” she adds.

She notes that a lot of what one experiences in life comes in handy when choosing the projects. “Simple things like catching a bus when in college and interacting with people during a project in college automatically get reflected when you play a similar role on screen,” states Vishaka. Vishaka will play a press reporter in her next project, which is ‘Maya Tape’. “I am a good listener and I think this worked well for the character of a journalist. But here, I had to play an exaggerated version of a journalist,” she adds. In her Tamil film, ‘Vaaliba Raja’, Vishaka plays the role of a girl waiting to get married.

“Looks like the directors down South like to portray me in a glamourous avatar more than what I can imagine myself to be,” she observes. In another project ‘Rowdy’, Vishaka tried her best to convince the director to give her an action sequence. “It’s the best commercial film I’ve done till date. I’ve always wanted to do action sequences and I am hoping such a role comes my way,” she says.

If one is passionate about one’s craft, the rest will fall in place, believes Vishaka. “Dark and grey characters have always excited me. A heroine’s role doesn’t always have to be one dimensional,” she feels. Vishaka doesn’t believe in hankering after work. “I believe in destiny. If something is destined to come to me, then it will,” she sums up.