Fried and spicy go off the plate

Fried and spicy go off the plate

Eat light

Slouching in a rocking chair, intermittently taking naps while reading a book on a lazy summer afternoon, all you need is a refreshing plate of snacks to keep the overwhelming laziness at bay.

Greasy, fried, spicy and fatty food is a strict no-no for summers, however big a foodie one might claim to be. For a rejuvenating array of light and scrumptious meals, Metrolife got in touch with the chefs in the Capital to bring you titbits that you could wolf down without feeling uneasy.

When your stomach is not ready for the spice attack, the first things that come to mind are the greens! Chef Shalen Gambhir, executive sous chef Radisson Blu MBD, suggests his recipe of Roasted Pumpkin Salad with pinenuts, mustard cress, sweet peppers and balsamic dressing.

To try out his recipe, heat the pumpkin on a baking sheet and drizzle it with olive oil and seasoning. Roast the bell peppers and toast pinenuts till they turn golden. Mix chopped shallots (these are small, golden-brown members of the onion family), chilli with olive oil, balsamic vinegar, honey, salt and pepper and mix all your ingredients, topping them with mustard cress in the end.

On salads, food expert, Bharti Sanghi adds, “Summers are about all things that leave a cooling effect on our stomach and intestines. Fried, masaledar and gravy-ridden and stale food goes out of the window. Try having a lot of fruits, cucumbers, melons and seasonal fruits and vegetables, as they are best. Even raw onions are good.”

Suggesting his recipe of Beetroot and Oak Ash Chevre, Chef Yograj from Smokeys BBQ and Grill explains, “We have used beetroot as the main ingredient which is low in fat, full of vitamins, minerals and packed with powerful antioxidants needed most in summers. And the passion fruit in the recipe adds a sweet and tangy texture to the meal.”

If only having salads in your meal doesn’t sound appetising enough, then try a vegetable lettuce wrap at Royal China; it also comes in a variant which has mint sausages packed in a wrap!

Have we struck the right chord with your palate, with these tantalising options, well, in that case, read on, as Chef Jiten Singh, corporate executive chef, Amour-the Patio Restaurant has a lot many ideas up his sleeves.

“Made of durum wheat, Cous cous is a popular alternative to pasta and rice. It is light and fluffy and beautifully adapts the flavours of the spices and herbs being used. The vegetables used in our dish, Cous Cous and exotic vegetable poha, are all healthy, light and just need to be stir fried.”

Well, the list doesn’t end there, as he adds, “Shawarmas are not always considered light and healthy. But like all other dishes, it depends on the ingredients you use. Bunk the hummus and heavy cream and use yoghurt instead. Wrap the ingredients in a whole wheat phulka and you are good to go. It makes for a wholesome healthy grab.”